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FASID archives and provides its research findings and other practical information on international development.

Trends in Development Assistance

  1. Evaluating Development Assistance: A Japanese Perspective (2009)
  2. In Search of New Approaches to Japanese Development Assistance (2006)
  3. New Approaches to Development and Changing Sector Issues (2005)
  4. Global ODA since the Monterrey Conference (2003)
  5. International Development Assistance: Evolution and Prospects (2003)

Discussion Paper

  1. Discusson Paper on Development Assistance

Evaluation Research

  1. Issues and Prospects of Evaluations for International Development – Series IV Beyond Logframe; Using Systems Concepts in Evaluation (March 2010)
  2. FASID Evaluation Handbook: Impact Evaluation of Development Assistance Edition 2 (March 2008) (PDF/1.76MB)

Development Research

  1. Development Strategy of Fragile States (Feb 2009) (PDF/1.03MB)

Report on International Development

  1. Pollution in the Southern African Development Community (SADC) Region: The case of lead in Zambia and South Africa(2010/2/28)

Study Group on Trend in International Development Assistance

  Presenter Theme  
1. John Baffes
Senior Economist, Development Prospects Group, World Bank
86th Meeting:Commodities at the Crossroads Minutes
2. Allan E. Reed
Development Counselor, US Embassy/Tokyo
83rd Meeting:Conflict in Sudan, USAID program in Sudan and USAID policy towards Sub-Saharan Africa Minutes
3. Dr. Gobind Nankani
President of the Global Development Network

Dr. George Mavrotas
Chief Economist of the Global Development Network
80th Meeting:A Decade of Global Development Network Minutes
4.   77th Meeting:The Pulse of Africa 2008 Minutes
Kiichiro Fukasaku
OECD Development Centre, Counsellor and Head of Regional Desks
African Economic Outlook 2008 and Business for Development 2008 Handouts1
Federico Bonaglia
OECD Development Centre, Economist
The African Economic Outlook 2008: Measuring the Pulse of Africa Handouts2
Denise Wolter
OECD Development Centre, Economist
Business for Development 2008: Promoting Commercial Agriculture in Africa Handouts3
5.   76th Meeting:Aid Relationships in Asia- Exploring Ownership in Japanese and Nordic Aid Minutes
Alf Morten Jerve
Senior Researcher, the Chr. Michelsen Institute, Norway
Fostering ownership in aid: comparing Nordic and Japanese lessons in Asia Handouts1
Izumi Ohno
Professor, GRIPS Development Forum, National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies, Japan
The East Asian Perspective of Ownership and a Cast Study on Vietnam Handouts2
Marie Soderberg
Professor, European Institute of Japanese Studies at Stockholm School of Economics, Sweden
Determinants of Ownership in Aid to China Handouts3
Yasutami Shimomura
Professor, Graduate School of Environmental Management, Faculty of Humanity and Environment, Hosei University, Japan
Legitimate ownership of Thailand Handouts4
Annette Skovsted Hansen
Associate Professor, Japanese History at Aarhus University, Denmark
The Trust of History: Ownership in the Relationships of Nepal and Vietnam to Their Donors Handouts5
6. Richard Manning
DAC Chair
53rd Meeting:New Challenges in ODA Minutes
7. Ms. Kathleen Cravero
UN Assistant Administrator and UNDP Director for Bureau for Crisis Prevention and Recovery
50th Meeting:UNDP's Strategy on Crisis Prevention and Recovery from Peace-Building to Natural Disaster Prevention Minutes
8. Mr. Richard A. Morford
Managing Director, Donor & Multilateral Relations, Millennium Challenge Corporation
48th Meeting:Update on the U.S. Millennium Challenge Account -Strategy, Selection, Implementation, and Evaluation- Is the MCA Making a Difference? Minutes
9. Mr. Homi Kharas, Mr. Shahid Yusuf, Mr. Kaoru Nabeshima
World Bank
47th Meeting:The Privatization of China's State Owned Industries Minutes


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