Foundation for Advanced Studies on International Development


Message from President

Tsuneo Sugishita

Foundation of Advanced Studies on International Development (FASID) has newly started on October 1, 2012, as a “general incorporated foundation” with legal status accorded by the Cabinet Office under Japan’s Act No.48 of 2006.

FASID’s primary functions have been to develop a new generation of Japanese professionals with competent knowledge and experiences to lead the international development.  Over 30 years from its foundation, FASID has been conducting training programs, research, surveys, and consulting services in the field of international development.  FASID has developed and disseminated the tools and methods for development management such as the PCM (Project Cycle Management) Method, a widely-adopted management tool of development cooperation projects. Through these works we have high reputation for these 30 years  in and out of Japan.

When FASID was founded in 1990, it was an urgent task for Japan’s government to develop Japanese human resources to play a leading role in international development in accordance with the Japanese economic power.  However, the global environment has significantly changed since then.  Today’s international society, which is vastly transformed by the emergence of newly industrializing economies such as China and India, and rapid progress of advanced technologies as IT, now thrusts Japan into the melting pot of globalization.  Therefore the people and organizations in the field of international development have to be changed to adapt themselves to the new environment.

The relative position of the developed countries who led the world in the 20th century has dropped today, and Japan is not an exception.  But the post-War Japan demonstrated its presence as a stable democratic nation and has gained high reputation by contributing to peace and security of the globe.  In order that Japan continues taking such responsibility in the future, it is further required for Japan to foster Japanese human resources capable to contribute the international society of developed and developing countries.

The “new” FASID aims to become an organization which leads the international society in development by providing human resource development, consultancy and exchanging information.  FASID staff and I know that the new field into which this “new” FASID will step in must be hard.  However, the basic spirit of FASID, that is to work for realization of prosperity of people of Japan and the world, will never be shaken.

We look forward to working with you in the near future in the field of international development and human resource development.



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