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The Foundation for Advanced Studies on International Development (FASID) Official Website (hereinafter referred to as "this website") is to provide information of FASID. The use of this website is conditioned upon the user's acceptance of the terms and conditions contained in this Site Policy. Please read carefully prior to using this website.

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The contents of all material available (contents, texts, images, data, etc.) on this website are copyrighted by FASID or the author, unless otherwise indicated and protected by Intellectual Property Rights and its related laws and regulations. In case of quotations, please specify that it is taken from this website. Links to this website are welcome and appreciated. As a general rule, the URL to be linked is, but if you require links to pages other than this, please let us know. You may be asked to modify the link with this website if the administrator of this website finds it inappropriate. Users must obey all requests from the administrator.


FASID specifically does not make any warranties or representations as to the accuracy or completeness of any materials on this website. Under no circumstances shall FASID be held responsible for any liability or expense incurred or suffered which is claimed to have resulted from the use of this website, including without limitation, any, direct or indirect, fault, error, omission, interruption or delay.

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FASID adds, changes, improves, or updates the materials on this website without notice to users of this website. FASID also maintains the right to suspend or stop this website without notice.

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FASID may ask you for personal information, such as your name, home address and email address. The information we collect is used to effectively provide our service to users. We do not disseminate or share any information to any third parties without permission.


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