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No.78 Energy Needs and Efficiency, Not Emissions: Re-framing the Climate Change Narrative (Nancy Birdsall and Arvind Subramanian, 2009)(原稿作成日:2009/12/3)
No.77 Africa Rising: How 900 Million African Consumers Offer More Than You Think (Vijay Mahajan, 2008)(原稿作成日:2009/2/6)
No.76 The World Food Programme and Global Food Security (International Development Committee, House of Commons, United Kingdom Parliament, 2008)(原稿作成日:2008/10/1)
No.75 Creating Value for All: Strategies for Doing Business with the Poor (The United Nations Development Programme, 2008)(原稿作成日:2008/9/17)
No.74 Dollar a Day Revisited (Martin Ravallion, Shaohua Chen, and Prem Sangraula, 2008)(原稿作成日:2008/7/28)
No.73 Is Africa’s Economy At A Turning Point?(Jorge Arbache, Defin S. Go, John Page, 2008)(原稿作成日:2008/3/28)
No.72 Beyond Assistance; The HELP Commission Report on Foreign Assistance Reform (The United States Commission on Helping to Enhance the Livelihood of People around the Globe, 2007)(原稿作成日:2008/3/17)
No.71 The Role of Education Quality in Economic Growth (Eric A. Hanushek and Ludger Wossmann, 2007)(原稿作成日:2007/12/17)
No.70 Does Foreign Aid Really Work?(Roger C. Riddell, 2007)(原稿作成日:2007/8/10)
No.69 The Next 4 Billion: Market Size and Business Strategy at the Base of the Pyramid(Allan L. Hammond et al. 2007)(原稿作成日:2007/6/4)
No.68 Making Finance Work for Africa (Patrick Honohan and Thorsten Beck, 2007)(原稿作成日:2007/5/7)
No.67 Foreign Aid: Diplomacy, Development, Domestic Politics (Carol Lancaster, 2007)(原稿作成日:2007/4/9)
No.66 Delivering as One: Report of the Secretary-General's High-Level Panel (United Nations, 2006)(原稿作成日:2007/1/17)
No.65 英国国際開発省(DFID, 2006) White Paper: eliminating world poverty making governance work for the poor (原稿作成日:2006/10/23)
No.64 When will we ever learn? Improving lives through impact evaluation (Evaluation Gap Working Group, Center for Global Development, 2006)(原稿作成日:2006/9/20)
No.63 African Economic Outlook 2005/2006(African Development Bank and Development Center of OECD, 2006)(原稿作成日:2006/8/3)
No.62 Evaluation of General Budget Support: Synthesis Report(IDD and Associates, 2006)(原稿作成日2006/7/21)
No.61 Promoting Pro-Poor Growth: Infrastructure(OECD, 2006)(原稿作成日2006/7/28)
No.60 Human Development Report 2005: International Cooperation at a Crossroads: Aid, Trade and Security in an Unequal World(UNDP, 2005)(原稿作成日2006/5/15)
No.59 Higher Education and Economic Development in Africa(David Bloom, David Canning, and Kevin Chan. World Bank(AFTHD), 2006)(原稿作成日2006/5/30)
No.58 “Meeting the Challenge of Africa's Development: A World Bank Group Action Plan" (The Africa Action Plan)(12/14)
No.57 “Connecting EAST ASIA: A New Framework for Infrastructure”
(Asian Development Bank, Japan Bank for International
Cooperation, and the World Bank, 2005)(10/3)
No.56 Daniel Kaufmann, Aart Kraay, and Massimo Mastruzzi“Governance Matters IV: Governance Indicators for 1996-2004”The World Bank(2005)(8/12)
No.55 1. Raghuram G. Rajan and Arvin Subramanian,“What Undermines Aid's Impact on Growth”IMF Working Paper (WP/05/126)(2005年6月)、
2. Raghuram G. Rajan and Arvin Subramanian,“Aid and Growth: What Does the Cross-Country Evidence Show”IMF Working Paper (WP/05/127)(2005年6月)、
3. Nancy Birdsall, Dani Rodrik, and Arvind Subramanian,“How to Help Poor Countries”Foreign Affairs, Volume 84, Number 4 (2005年7-8月)(8/8)
No.54 “2004 Annual Review of Development Effectiveness - The Bank's Contributions to Poverty Reduction -”(8/1)
No.53 "Real Aid - An agenda for Making Aid Work" action aid international (2005)(7/29)
No.52 The Commission for Africa "Our Common Interest: Report of the Commission for Africa" (2005)(7/11)
No.51 Ngaire Woods "The shifting politics of foreign aid" International Affairs (2005)(5/30)
No.50 The Millennium Project Task Force "Investing in Development: A Practical Plan to Achieve the Millennium Development Goals"UNDP (2005)(4/7)
No.49 Takamasa Akiyama and Donald F. Larson (eds), "Rural Development and Agricultural Growth in Indonesia, the Philippines and Thailand" Asia Pacific Press. (2005)(2/23)
No.48 世界銀行 年次報告書, World Development Report 2005 "A Better Investment Climate for Everyone" World Bank. (2005)(1/23)
No.47 Kessides, Ioannis N."Reforming Infrastructure Privatization, Regulation, and Competition"A World Bank Policy Paper (2004)(12/17)
No.46 Jonathan E. Sanford,“IDA Grants and HIPC Debt Cancellation: Their Effectiveness and Impact on IDA Resources”(2004)(11/24)
No.45 Innovative East Asia: The Future of Growth (2004) (10/15)
No.44 Can East Asia Compete? Innovation for Global Markets (2004) (10/15)
No.43 DAC/OECD Peer Review Japan (2004)(9/16)
No.42 Bellanet International Secretariat, Harmonization of Shared Development Activity Information: Lessons Learned (2000) (6/15)
No.41 International Labour Organization, Working Out of Poverty (2003) (6/15)
No.40 Francis Fukuyama, State-Building Governance and World Order in the Twenty-First Century (8/10)
No.39 英国国際開発省(DFID)2004年度年次報告書 Departmental Report 2004 (6/20)
No.38 USAID, US Foreign Aid: Meeting the Challenges of the Twenty-first Century (5/11)
No.37 OECD/DAC Development Co-operation Report 2003(3/30)
No.36 United Nations Population Fund・Alan Guttmacher Institute, Adding It Up: The Benefits of Investing in Sexual and Reproductive Health Care(3/8)
No.35 英国国際開発省(DFID)2003年年次報告書:Departmental Report 2003 (1/30)
No.34 アメリカ国務省・USAID 中期政策:Security, Democracy, Prosperity Strategic Plan Fiscal Year 2004-2009(11/17)
No.33 The World Bank Annual Report 2003 (11/17)
No.32 Annual World Bank Conference on Developmemt Economics: The New Reform Agenda (9/30)
No.31 Human Development Report 2003 Millennium Development Goals: A Compact Among Nations to End Human Poverty(8/22)
No.30 World Bank/Oxford University Press, Breaking the Conflict Trap: Civil War and Development Policy, A World Bank Policy Research Report (2003年)(7/23)
No.29 Meier, G. M., and J. E. Stiglitz (eds.), Frontiers of Development Economics: The Future in Perspective (2001年)
No.28 Center for Global Development/Foreign Policy Magazine, "Ranking the Rich" Foreign Policy, pp. 56-66(2003年4月)
No.27 OECD, DAC, Effective Practices in Conducting a Joint Multi-Donor Evaluation (2000年)(3/19)
No.26 The World Bank, A Revised Forest Strategy for the World Bank Group(2002年10月発行)(3/17)
No.25 UNCTAD, Economic Development in Africa - From Adjustment to Poverty Reduction: What's New? - (2002年)(3/14)
No.24 The World Bank, Water Resources Sector Strategy: Strategic Directions for World Bank Engagement (Draft) (2002年3月)(1/31)
No.23 United Nations Industrial Development Organization, Industrial Development Report 2002-2003, Competing through innovation and learning (2002年7月)(1/7)
No.22 The World Bank, World Development Report 2004: Making Services Work for Poor People (Draft) (2002年9月)
No.21 The World Bank, World Bank Rural Development Strategy: Reaching the Rural Poor (2002年11月)
No.20 UNDP, Human Development Report 2002: Deepening democracy in a fragmented world (2002年)
No.19 D. W. Brinkerhoff, and B. L. Crosby, Concepts and Tools for Decision-Makers in Developing and Transitioning Countries (2002年)
No.18 The World Bank, Globalization, Growth, and Poverty; Building an Inclusive World Economy, World Bank Policy Research Report (2002年)
No.17 Department for International Development, Government of United Kingdom Trade Liberalization and Poverty: A Handbook (2001年8月)(10/31)
No.16 Department for International Development, Government of United Kingdom "Making Government Work for Poor People ? Building State Capability" Strategies for Achieving the International Development Targets, pp.1-36, (2001年9月)
No.15 United Nations Environment Programme, Global Environment Outlook 3 (2002年2月)(9/4)
No.14 UNCTAD, The Least Developed Countries Report 2002 Escaping the Poverty Trap (2002年6月)(8/27)
No.13 Jonathan E. Sanford, "World Bank: IDA Loans or IDA Grants?" World Development Vol. 30, No.5, pp.741-762 (2002年5月)(8/23)
No.12 The World Health Organization, Macroeconomics and Health: Investing in Health for Economic Development (2001年12月)(7/15)
No.11 NEPAD, The New Partnership for Africa's Development(2001年10月)(7/15)
No.10 The World Bank, Education for Dynamic Economics: Action Plan to Accelerate Progress Towards Education for All (2002年4月)(7/3)
No.9 The World Bank, Private Sector Development Strategy-Directions for the World Bank Group (2002年4月)(7/2)
No.8 DFID, 欧州委員会開発総局, UNDP, 世界銀行共著, Linking Poverty Reduction and Environmental Management: Policy Challenges and Opportunities, A Contribution to the World Summit on Sustainable Development Process, A Consultation draft(2002年1月)(7/1)
No.7 The World Bank, Helping Countries Combat Corruption: Progress at the World Bank Since 1997 (2000年8月)(6/24)
No.6 The World Bank, Making Sustainable Commitments: An Environment Strategy for the World Bank (2001年12月)(7/12)
No.5 Oxfam, Rigged Rules and Double Standards, trade, globalisation, and the fight against poverty (2002年3月)
No.4 The World Bank, World Development Report 2003: Sustainable Development in a Dynamic Economy (draft) (2002年4月)
No.3 The World Bank Task Force on Low-Income Countries Under Stress, Low Income Countries Under Stress, A Difficult but Critical Challenge for the Development Community(2002年3月11日出版)
No.2 M. G. Quibria, Growth and Poverty: Lessons from the East Asian Miracle Revisited, ADB Institute Research Paper 33(2002年2月出版)
No.1 The World Bank, The Role and Effectiveness of Development Assistance: Lessons from World Bank Experience(2002年3月出版)