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Until today, an enormous amount of aid such as ODA has been injected into developing countries, but development needs in these countries are still not satisfied. On the other hand, private capital invested in these countries has consistently surpassed ODA since the 1990s. The importance is increasing to incorporate these private capital into the cash inflow for the development by utilizing private market activities in solving global issues, including development issues. Also, this trend has been enhanced by the progress in financial technology, such as securitization, and in ICT, such as crowd funding, which enable new ways of financing by utilizing private markets.
       Under these circumstances, “Impact Investing” is becoming a hot issue on the international development agenda. Impact investing is an investment into corporate equity, bonds, investment funds, or other organizations, for not only gaining financial return, but also intending to generate social return. Impact investing is gaining prominence among individual and institutional investors as social contribution through “investment” at the global level, neither as aid nor philanthropy.
       In this seminar, the potential of impact investing towards “robust and sustainable economy ” in African nations, which is one of the main themes of TICAD V, will be discussed. In the 1st Part of the seminar, the topics, such as the overview of impact investing in international development, practices in Japan and its issues, and the role of ODA in promoting impact investing, will be discussed with the pioneers of impact investing in Japan. In the 2nd  Part of the seminar, opportunities, success factors, and lessons learned in impact investing in African market will be discussed by the founding partner of Vital Capital Fund, based on its experience in impact investing in Africa for 10 years.

ORGANIZER Foundation for Advanced Studies in International Development (FASID)
DATE 31 May 2013, 10:00~12:30
1-1-1 Minato Mirai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama 220-0012, Japan [map]
AUDIENCE Governmental personnel,  NGO staffs, Consultants, Scholars, Students, Other public participants
FEE Free


The Potential of Impact Investing for African Development speakers


1. Introduction:  CSO Network Japan (PDF: 367KB)
2. Panel Discussion: Daiwa Securities Group Inc.(PDF: 572KB)
3. Panel Discussion: ARUN LLC. (PDF: 3.85MB)
4. Panel Discussion: JICA (PDF: 1.79MB)
5. Case Study: Vital Capital Fund (PDF: 5.5MB)


Eytan Meir STIBBE, Founding Partner, Vital Capital Fund
Mr Stibbe has been involved in investment in Africa for the past 26 years. Mr Stibbe has worked extensively in initiating business and financing ventures worldwide, primarily in developing countries. His vision and leadership have provided for the initiation, implementation and successful completion of high-profile projects and financings throughout this region, with the consistent characteristic being the alignment of humanitarian objectives alongside financial and business interests. Consequently, Mr Stibbe’s successes in this regard have become a hallmark of his involvement in any project, financing and investment and has resulted in real and marked improvements in the quality of life for tens of thousands of people.

Hiroyuki TSUZAKI, Director, ARUN, LLC.
Mr Tsuzaki heads the business planning team, and is mainly engaged in creating tailor-made investment schemes to fulfill the financial demands from social entrepreneurs.
He focuses on the role of financial infrastructure for social entrepreneurs as key to promote economic activities, which pulls people out of poverty. He has extensive experience in finance sector, and has served for traditional commercial banking on individuals, SMEs, and multinational large corporate clients, both national and international for more than 10 years.
Mr Tsuzaki holds a Master's degree in International Development Policy from Duke University.
ARUN Social Invest Platform

Jin WAKABAYASHI, Director, Private Sector Partnership Division, Private Sector Partnership and Finance Department, Japan international Cooperation Agency (JICA)
Mr Wakabayashi oversees the Preparatory Survey schemes for both PPP Infrastructure projects and BOP Business promotion, support schemes to Japanese SMEs etc. Prior to this, he has worked extensively on Japanese ODA loan operations for infrastructure projects in India, Nepal, Turkey and the Philippines and has also gained experience in formulating Japanese ODA Loan Strategies as well as monitoring Private Sector Investment Finance projects at the Overseas Economic Cooperation Fund (OECF) and Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC) (currently JICA).

Kaori KURODA, Executive Director, CSO Network Japan and Japan Director of the Asia Foundation’s Japan Director based on the partnership arrangement between TAF and CSO Network Japan
Before moving to the nonprofit sector, Ms. Kuroda worked at Mitsubishi Heavy Industry and the Center on Japanese Economy and Business, Business School at Columbia University. She served as a NGO Expert to the ISO 26000 (Social Responsibility Standard) working group and a member of the Social Responsibility Mirror Committee and JIS Working Group. She has presented and published on civil society, sustainability and corporate social responsibility, business and human rights, and private development assistance.   Ms. Kuroda currently serves as a member of the sub-committee of Economic Cooperation, Japan’s Industrial Structure and the Steering Committee of Japan Inclusive Business Support Center at the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. Ms. Kuroda has Master in Education at Harvard Graduate School of Education.

Toru IWAI, Executive Director, Corporate Communication Department, Daiwa Securities Group Inc.
Mr Iwai has been working in various sections at the Group since 1983, covering Equity Sales in New York and Hong Kong, Mutual Fund division and Corporate Institutions division in Tokyo since 1997. He
is in charge of CSR promotion since 2009, Head of CSR Group since 2011.
  CMA (Chartered Member of the Securities Analysts Association of Japan)
  A Fully Certified Trainer of the Microfinance Distance Learning Course
Impact Investment Seminar
The World Bank Group / Daiwa Securities Group Oct 11, 2012, Tokyo, Japan
Hosted by the World Bank, IFC, Daiwa, and Nikkei



12:00 on 29 May 2013 
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