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FASID develops, designs and conducts various training courses for people who are engaged in international development. Our training courses include Project Cycle Management (PCM) method courses, project management courses and other theme-specific courses.

Project Cycle Management (PCM) Method Courses
The PCM method is a project management tool developed by FASID.  FASID disseminates the PCM method through participatory planning, monitoring and evaluation, and moderator courses.  In addition to these PCM courses, FASID dispatches PCM lecturers upon request, and/or develops order-made PCM courses based on individual needs.

Project Management Course
・Introduction to Economic Analysis
・Social Research Method Course
     - Introduction to Statistics
     - Introduction to Qualitative Research
     - Social Research for Solving Community Problems

Theme-Specific Courses
・Introduction to International Cooperation Course
・Development and Private Sector Enterprise Seminar (including BOP/CSR)
・Project Monitoring Course
・Gender Analysis Course
     - Gender Analysis in Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM)
     - Gender Analysis in Disaster Prevention and Mitigation
     - Gender Analysis in Agriculture and Rural Development
     - Gender Analysis in Water Supply Projects